UnCivil Liberties

Book Cover Design

UnCivil Liberties Book Series

Espionage crime thriller series set in the very near future.

When the mob loses control of cancel culture, the powerful forge it into a weapon. They use it to destroy anyone in their way. Even if innocent people die.


A decorated hero who’s supposed to be dead might be the only one capable of stopping their assaults on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Traveling the country under the alias St George, he rescues the victims of digital assassination. But each case gives him clues to a larger pattern.


Someone is targeting civil liberties in a plot to remake America.


Snippet taken from Amazon

I started working for the client in January 2021 on this series. So far I have created 4 covers for the 7 book series. Book 5 is nearly completed.


The client wanted a theme to run through the series that would involve the title within the main imagery in some way. I was also asked to include the shape of a dragon head in some form placed subtly within the cover images. Can you spot the dragon?


To compliment the series, all books have a similar design asthetic with a red and blue smokey effect on a dark background.


You can purchase the first 4 books on Amazon, and also find them on Goodreads, as well as other digital book retailers.

UnCivil Liberties

A 7 Book Series


AUTHOR: John Beam

PUBLISHER: Beacon Creative Publishing


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