About Me

My name is Jon Benbow and I am a freelance graphic artist. I have a portfolio of clients with whom I work regularly with, but I also freelance on websites such as Upwork and


I prefer to work on high-concept art pieces, but I will take on any project that fits within my skillset. I have created several book cover designs which are now on sale in various places such as Amazon. I have also created video game backdrops, movie posters, and matte painting pieces for various film and game labs.


I have started to venture into the world of NFTs, and while my journey is very much at the beginning, I am seeing some very exciting developments in that arena. You can see my NFT “persona” and website at


I am a British national that currently lives in Zambia. I am a silent partner and co-founder of Bongwe Safaris, a small safari company based at the Victoria Falls in Zambia. I live here with my wife and two kids.


For any further information or you would like to discuss any upcoming work, you can contact me on or on Twitter.